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HYU Trains Hanyangians as Future Philanthropists

Since the fall semester 2015 began, Hanyang University(HYU) has been running the “Understanding and Practicing Philanthropy” course, the first of its kind among Korean universities. Special lectures are provided by six alumni who have contributed to the development of a “sharing culture.” The class is designed to help students understand and instill in them a spirit of philanthropy, as well as suggestions about how to put thoughts into practice.

The course consists of lectures, workshops, students’ presentations, and special sessions. Workshops are held for Hanyangians to participate in volunteering services and freely present their philanthropic experiences. Also, special lectures by “Sharing Professors” like Jang Keun-seok, an actor and a graduate of HYU, are given to share their experiences on December 10.

Bekay Ahn, the main lecturer of “Understanding and Practicing Philanthropy,” emphaiszed, “Philanthropy is different from charity. Charity means instant help, so it does not solve the underlying problem. On the other hand, the philanthropy searches for the root of societal problems, and its purpose is to foster self-reliance.


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